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Mission Statement

Conscientious Builders


Fiser Development LLC came to fruition from Dee's love of building paired with the need for developers and builders in Saline County. Being detail oriented lends itself to successful and thoughtful building in creating a home that clients cherish for a lifetime. We recognize the importance of keeping up with innovations in our industry because it affects the way we build and they way we live. Some trends may come and go, but quality lasts for generations. 

First and foremost, we focus on building energy efficient homes by following changes in the market; we attend classes and expos and we research new green building methods and products. It's our belief that the internal workings of a house from the foundation up as well as the visible aesthetics of a home will provide families energy efficiency, comfort, and balance in a "liveable home". 

Our eagerness at rising to the challenge of impacting how and where people live and interact has led to developing communities. We are aware of how the purchase of a home in conjunction with it's neighborhood affects one's everyday life and health. The home is one of the single most important decisions in a person's lifetime; therefore, we build respectfully with the client's wellbeing in mind. 

Just as our family business leaves a legacy for the next generation, a home also leaves its legacy in its community. Hence our motto "Build to last."


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